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3 Sales Systems that Will Disrupt the Sales Stack in 2019

Connor Jeffers
Written by: Connor Jeffers

All aboard the SaaS train! Choo Choo!

Now that we're all in end-of-the-year planning mode, let's take a quick break from the coffee-littered boardrooms and long-winded phone meetings and talk about sales stacks. We all know that SaaS is an integral part of our everyday sales jobs, but that doesn't mean that it's static. Every year new systems hit the market, and keeping up-to-date with the current industry trends is a surefire way to stay "ahead of the pack."

 Here are the systems that we think are going to have a significant impact on sales in 2019. These are the sales stack disrupters that are going to be leveraged by the savvy sales professionals. At the very least, these are the systems that you should be keeping your eye on next year.

HubSpot Sales Hub Tools

HubSpot Sales tools have come a long way since 2014. Not only are they a necessity for anyone that's using HubSpot's CRM, but their priced packages also integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, which is excellent for those that have a diverse stack. Of course, like all HubSpot products, their sales tools natively sync with all other HubSpot tools (CRM, Marketing, etc.)

Recent expansions have added a ton of new features to HubSpot's sales tools, including conversation bots, a dynamic 1:1 video creator, and native eSign, which positions them as a strong player in the sales tools market. HubSpot Professional is competitively priced and jam-packed with tools. Of course, a significant benefit of HubSpot's sales tools has always been scalability. You can start off free and work your way into higher-priced tiers.

With all of the new 2018 additions, HubSpot is leveraging its brand name and existing CRM to push out an incredible set of tools. If you took a glance at HubSpot sales tools in the past, but you didn't think it had the features that you needed, 2019 might be a good time to revisit it. It has strong growth, and HubSpot is committed to rolling out an all-in-one sales tool solution.

Outreach is quickly becoming the best outbound sales tool on the market. Most of that success comes from an incredibly dynamic trigger system. We've seen a ton of savvy sales teams do some pretty exciting stuff with triggers including automatically sequencing inbound leads across sales channels (email, text, phone, etc.) These sequences are huge time savers, and you can set them up by time, date, length, etc. So sales teams can get hyper-specific with their pipeline — which is great for micromanagers and sales teams who want to cut down on redundancy.

Currently, Outreach's email solutions give you an incredible amount of reach and grasp. From the second that you send your email, you can start tracking and analyzing specifics. Of course, you should definitely be sequencing those emails in advance, which makes targeting that next vertical extremely easy.

Really, Outreach has already disrupted the sales stack, but we're expecting it to get dominant in 2019 — especially for email sequencing. We're also starting to see a trend of Salesforce admins hack into outreach triggers to create some pretty crazy functionality when mixed with Salesforce's automation abilities. We may also see a marketing stack disruption with in the future. 


Account-based selling has become a major industry revitalizer for B2B sales. Connecting team members to an account across channels to target stakeholders, decision-makers, and dynamic team players can growth hack your B2B fast. So, it's no surprise that DiscoverOrg made it onto our list of sales stack must-haves. DiscoverOrg connects your team to decision maker data.

DiscoverOrg's growth hack potential lies in its ability to find critical members of a business using org charts and intent data to point your sales team towards key players. This is a massive timesaver for B2B sales teams, and it lets teams filter their leads before they shove them in their CRM database. It shortens the sale cycle, increases speed-to-lead (especially for account-based sales,) and unveils B2B total addressable markets (TAM.) In short, it lets you skip the wasted leads. You're looking for the person with the authority-to-purchase, not Bob the intern. 


These are the tools that we've been watching explode in 2018, and we think that they will become integral sales tools that are incorporated into most stacks during 2019.

If you need some help building your stack, or you're interested in making sure that these new systems will integrate with your legacy tools, contact us. We'll come in and make sure that your stack is good-to-go for the new year.